Let's go back to 2016. I had recently graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree in Product Design, an area I had long believed would be my chosen professional path. Additionally, midway into my university experience I took the plunge and established a clothing brand, Anchor and Rose. This served as an outlet for my passion for illustration. 

While my peers eagerly transitioned into design-oriented positions post graduation, I faced the challenging decision to dedicate a year to truly explore the potential of Anchor and Rose.

By 2017, I viewed university as a stepping stone toward a self-employed career, rather than a conventional path within agencies or companies. Anchor and Rose had seen some success. I viewed 'success' as being able to afford life at this point, but not bad going for a bedroom based business!

A year swiftly passed, during which I shifted my production approach from outsourcing printed clothing to manufacturing my own products in a new workshop. This shift granted me the freedom to expand my designs further. At this point, I had become far more proficient with Adobe software. There was something different about needing to know how to independently achieve a final result which gave me incredible motivation for success. I'd also developed a knack for Shopify store development, which was handy as I needed to sell my products somehow. The pieces of the puzzle were falling into place.

In 2019, a year that brimmed with excitement, I attracted new friends and clients, as I ventured into producing clothing, accessories, and various other items for numerous clothing brands, businesses, and individuals. This was made possible by my prior years experience in creating products for my own brand. As a result, doors swiftly opened to graphic design opportunities, strategic consultation and marketing endeavours with said clientele. 

From one member, to two, then three and four, my team began to flourish and grow. I assumed the role of assisting clients in achieving their visual design and strategic goals while organising printed merchandise for their brands and events. The clothing brand, Anchor and Rose, evolved into a self-sufficient entity, exponentially growing each month by the thousands. We'd established collaborations with renowned names such as Jägermeister, Gibson, and OnlyFans. 

Then came 2020—the year of the pandemic. Unfortunately, we faced the difficulty that many other businesses faced, with the loss of 90% of our clients due to the absence of events, people's restricted outings, and reduced desire for new clothing. As a result, all collaborations were canceled, adding to our woes. The timing couldn't have been more unfavourable. Needless to say, Anchor and Rose endured immense hardship due to these circumstances. Let us leave this chapter at that.

Since that point, armed with nine years of experience in the fashion, design, and merchandise industries, I have adeptly adapted to the challenges and persistently pursued new avenues for growth. Drawing upon the skills and knowledge gained from both favourable and challenging times. I would not alter a single aspect of this transformative journey. Now, with AXR Studios, my aim is to integrate everything I have learned into helping others achieve their aspirations. Feel free to contact us here for a conversation about how AXR Studios can be of assistance. Let's connect and pave the way for success together.